Ambar Narwal


A research intern with the LSR lab, I am deeply interested in the discipline of cognitive science. I completed my graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi Technological University (DTU). Towards the end of my engineering journey, I gradually started gravitating towards the study of mind. I pursued this interest by joining the Young India Fellowship (YIF) – a competitive one-year program in liberal studies at Ashoka University. The fellowship was followed with a year long stint with the product management industry, where I worked at the intersection of behavioural psychology, tech and wellbeing.

My current research at LSR is aimed at improving the teaching and understanding of mechanism concepts (like oscillation) for undergraduate physics students through Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL). I am interested in investigating the way learners build and process mechanism concepts, from a cognitive science perspective.

Research Areas

Cognitive Science, Embodied cognition, Concept learning, Learning Science


Deriving the oscillatory motion of a string

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