Kamakshi Khosla


I joined LSR as a Voluntary Research Assistant in February 2020 to pursue interdisciplinary research at the intersection of History and Philosophy of science, Philosophy of mind, and Cognitive Psychology. At LSR, I use my undergraduate and postgraduate training in qualitative and quantitative psychology to study science cognition and pedagogy. In one of the lab’s projects, for instance, I deployed a combination of qualitative techniques used in psychology, anthropology, and sociology (e.g., the constant comparative method, word-based analytic procedures, frame analysis, and textual de-construction) to study the micro-processes involved in the epistemological framing of a novel, modelling-based undergraduate-level physics pedagogy. Building upon this project, my upcoming work in the lab focuses on developing a theory of the framing methodology that is nested within the paradigm of design ethnography and is informed by the distributed and embodiment theorizations of cognition.

My other areas of interest include educational philosophy, sociology and anthropology of sciences and social sciences, philosophy of research methodologies, and epistemic and visual cognition.

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